• I like to maintain an interchange between an energized gestural painting surface and a collection of personal iconography. Although the narrative is important, it is my emotional experience of those representations that are the prime movers of the paint.

    I work with ideas of Home, Journey, Community, Connection,Groundedness and Escape.
    These ideas are ultimately not an intellectual experience but very much a sensory exploration.

    I begin with a concept and let it steep until I feel it viscerally. I work between the story-level and the formal aspects of the painting— letting the layers of paint influence each other, allowing the work to lead the way. Sometimes these images remain clearly apparent and sometimes they are swallowed by color and abstraction.

    I want my work to pulsate, reverberate, to bear witness to the fact that I am here; this is my connection to this moment, this is what I am taking in and letting out.